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Magickal Trees – Holly

HollyRepresenting heroism, foresight and defence Holly is sacred to Lugh and so it is associated with Lughnassad. Holly and Ivy cover “Jack-in-the-Green“, a leaf clad mummer and chimney sweep who dances on May Day in Englan

A Bogie at Jack in the Green, Hastings

A Bogie at Jack in the Green, Hastings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Magickal Trees – Oak

oakRepresenting power, endurance, strength and life, Oak is associated with the Summer Solstice, Litha. Sacred to The Dagda and the tree of the Druid (“oak-seer”) sacred groves. Oak is also used to make Beltain fires and Yule logs.

Magickal Trees – Hawthorn

hawthornThis is the tree of Spring, representing the ripening of the earth. Sacred to Olwen and Cardea, the patroness of crafts who live in a starry castle behind the North Wind. The blossom exudes the scent of female sexuality and wreaths of Hawthorn keep away ghosts and devils. Don’t bring it inside though, else mischief may follow!

Magickal Trees – Willow


This tree represents enchantment, fertility and moon magick. Associated with Beltane or May Day it is the scared tree of Diana and Arianhod. Decorate a Willow for the festival of Green George on the 23rd or April.

Magickal Trees – Elder

elderRepresenting the completion of cycles and the fullness of night, Elder is sacred to the Cailleach. Elder is the waterside dwelling of spirits, ask before you break a twig and never burn elder.

Magickal Trees – Alder


This tree symbolises strength, light and the continuation of life. It is associated to Ostara the Spring Equinox and is sacred to Bren. This is the special trees of the Faeries.

Magickal Trees – Ivy

irishivyIvy represents attachment, fidelity and eternal friendship, sacred to Palu as well as Maires and Attis. Ivy leaves are to Poet’s Crown and Bacchu’s wreath.

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