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Magickal Tools – Chalice

The chalice, or goblet, is symbolic for the element of Water. Many Wiccans do not consider it to be a tool, but instead to be a symbol of the Goddess, particularly her womb. The chalice bears many similarities with the Holy Grail, except for its symbolism used in witchcraft. Rather than being the blood of Christ, it is symbolic of the Goddess’ womb. The chalice is often used to hold wine, water, milk, juice and other ritual drinks.




Just found a great set of instructions for making your own wands on instructables.

Magickal Tools – Wand

In some traditions, the wand is symbolic for the element of Air, though in others it instead symbolises Fire. It can be made from any material, including wood, metal and rock, and Wiccan wands are sometimes set with gemstones or crystals.

A wand is often used when it is not appropriate to use an Athame, for example in healing when in place of a blade which may symbolise destruction.

Magickal Tools – Athame

English: The Athame is a ritual knife used in ...

A sword or a ritual knife, commonly known as an Athame, is often used in Wiccan ritual. In some traditions these are associated with the element of fire and in others with air. Personally I associate an Athame with air as this, for me, sits well with traditional Tarot.

An athame is traditionally black-handled and may be inscribed (sometimes in the Theban alphabet). It is used to direct energy for the casting of magic circles, controlling of spirits and other ritual purposes. In some traditions, it is never under any circumstances used to draw blood, becoming tainted and requiring destruction if it does. Nor should it ever be used to cut anything in the material world, an Athame is for magickal purposes only, for a more practical tool see the Boline.

Magickal Tools – Pentical

Pentagram with a circle around it

The Pentacle disc is an altar consecration tool with a sigil or magickal symbol engraved or inscribed upon it. The most common symbol of the disc is the pentagram inscribed in a circle, commonly called a pentacle, although some other symbols may be used such as the triquetra. The disc is symbolic of the element of earth. It is typically used to represent the element of Earth during evocation, as a symbol which blesses items, as well as magically energizing that which is placed upon it.

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