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Roots of Ritual

This is a fabulous resource for those getting to grips with Rituals and Spellwork.


Threshold Protection Spell

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Magic is the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation, ceremony, ritual, the casting of spells or various other techniques. Kate West defines magic as “the ability to make change by force of will”, I particularly like this definition as it has a deeper meaning.

If you cast a spell or perform a ritual by just reading out of a book like a set of instructions then you cannot possibly be focusing your will; you are concentrating on reading and not the focus of the magic. Look for the deeper meaning in what it is you are doing, if the spell or ritual doesn’t speak to you then there is no magic in it. Everyone is different and relate to colours, smells, sights and sounds differently, don’t be afraid to modify spells or rituals so that they mean more to you. The power of magic comes from emotion, it is therefore very important to establish an emotional connection with whatever it is that you are doing, either as an individual or a group.

Remember magic is real, you only need to learn where to look for it and how to harness it. People experience the power of magic every day. Think about the last time a song came on the radio that you really like, think about that emotional connection you have with it, that others have with it, that is magical power. Ever been at a football match and experienced the highs and lows of the crowd as either team score? This is the power that you need to look for and harness when casting spells, performing rituals and in any other magical practices. Use your will and/or the will of the group to focus this power towards your goal and I am sure you will be successful in all of your magical endeavors.


What are Spells? Let’s first think about what spells are. In virtually all religions the practitioners pray, they do it in many different ways; some kneel, some bow, some chant, some speak aloud, some voice their prayer internally. A spell is simply a prayer, using tools and a specific format. Just like a prayer there are not always immediate effects and often the results are subtle. Spells then are magical prayers that are designed to produce the desired effect, a spells magic comes primarily from emotion and so the words and tools used are designed to evoke specific emotion towards a specific goal.

Why do we cast spells? For the same reason others pray, to achieve the will of the individual or group.

Thanks to Hollywood whenever you tell someone that you are a Witch and that you cast spells they immediately have visions of you waving a magic wand and fire coming out of the end. Then they tend to look at you funny and you can see the wheels turning, their most likely thinking “you know that stuff’s not real right?”, I’ll bet that same person prays.

Perhaps next time you’re faced with someone asking about Spells you might tell them that you pray and that you use spells to do that. Let’s not perpetuate the Hollywood myth, it’s up to us to set the record straight.

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