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Be the Best Version of Yourself

Only by being the best version of yourself can you give the world what it desperately needs. #Wicca can teach confidence,love and curiosity.

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Casting A Circle

An Introduction to Lammas

Lammas or Loaf Mass is the celebration of the first harvests at which time we give thanks for the abundance of the land and make payment for its bounty. Traditionally the grain harvest was brought in around this time and so bread and other food made from grain are baked and offered as payment to the land. The Sun is also celebrated as without his tireless work the plants would not have grown.

An Introduction to Beltane

This is the second most important Sabbat after Samhain, like Samhain it is an intercalary day when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Whereas Samhain is a time for greeting and celebrating the spirits, Beltane is a time when more mischievous spirits may take advantage. This is the festival of the fire god Bel or Baal, fires are lit at this time as a symbol of fertility. The Goddess takes on her robes as mother, the God descends to reign beside his queen and the marriage of the Goddess and God is celebrated. The God has pursued his mate all spring and it is on Beltane that she allows him to catch her, this is symbolised by the choosing of a May Queen and the dancing around the Maypole. Beltane is a common time for Handfastings for this reason.

In Wicca

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In Wicca, rituals are ceremonies which celebrate and strengthen our relationships with the Goddess, the God and the Earth.

An Introduction to Oestara

At this time of year day and night are of equal length so this is a time of equality and duality. This is also the time when the new life of spring starts to appear. You can also consider Ostara as a time of balance between light and dark. You can perform rituals to ask for balance in your life, and to honor both dark and light.

To be a Witch

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