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Casting A Circle


Magickal Trees – Holly

HollyRepresenting heroism, foresight and defence Holly is sacred to Lugh and so it is associated with Lughnassad. Holly and Ivy cover “Jack-in-the-Green“, a leaf clad mummer and chimney sweep who dances on May Day in Englan

A Bogie at Jack in the Green, Hastings

A Bogie at Jack in the Green, Hastings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Lammas – Non-Ritual Celebrations

  • Well Dressing – If there is a well or spring near you you may wish to decorate it with flowers to give thanks for the water’s purity.
  • Float flowers on a local river or pond.
  • Bake some bread
  • Harvest your first vegetables from your garden and offer them to the Goddess and God.
  • Take a walk in some local woods and pick goodies for your altar.

An Introduction to Lammas


An Introduction to Lammas

Lammas or Loaf Mass is the celebration of the first harvests at which time we give thanks for the abundance of the land and make payment for its bounty. Traditionally the grain harvest was brought in around this time and so bread and other food made from grain are baked and offered as payment to the land. The Sun is also celebrated as without his tireless work the plants would not have grown.

Magickal Trees – Oak

oakRepresenting power, endurance, strength and life, Oak is associated with the Summer Solstice, Litha. Sacred to The Dagda and the tree of the Druid (“oak-seer”) sacred groves. Oak is also used to make Beltain fires and Yule logs.

Magickal Trees – Hawthorn

hawthornThis is the tree of Spring, representing the ripening of the earth. Sacred to Olwen and Cardea, the patroness of crafts who live in a starry castle behind the North Wind. The blossom exudes the scent of female sexuality and wreaths of Hawthorn keep away ghosts and devils. Don’t bring it inside though, else mischief may follow!

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