The Goddess, God and the Elements

The Goddess and God

Wiccans believe that the divine is both female and male; this is represented by the Goddess and the God. Both go by many names, each representing a different aspect of their characters and each an equal part of the whole. These names can sometimes be drawn from the pantheon of Gods from other religions, though the most commonly used names are Celtic in origin, such as Ceridwen and Cernunnus or Herne.

Common names for the Goddess include, the Maiden, the Mother (Mother Earth, Mother Nature) and the Crone.

Common names for the God include; the Consort, the Sun King and the Horned God.

Collectively the Goddess and God are often referred to as the Lord and Lady and appear together in Rituals and Magic.


Wiccans believe that all things in nature are made up of the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Together with a fifth element, the Spirit, these can be harnessed using magic to effect the world around us. Each of the elements represent different aspects of our being; Earth is our physical selves, Air is our thoughts, Fire is our passion, Water is our emotions and the Spirit is the energy that makes up ourselves, our souls.

These five energies are represented as the pentacle or pentagram which is often displayed by Wiccans as a symbol of their beliefs. In some cases the reversed pentacle, point down, represents a second degree or trainee witch. Each  of the elements are also linked to many other things including the points of the compass (in this instance referred to as Watchtowers), colours, sounds, scents and flowers. The elements are used in virtually all magical workings, understanding these links or correspondences is essential to being successful.



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