The Wiccan Rede

Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give.

Tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out.
To bind the spell well each time, let the spell be said in rhyme.

Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much.
Honor the Old Ones in deed and name, let love and light be our guides again. 

Deosil go by the waxing moon, chanting out the joyful tune.
Widdershins go when the moon doth wane, and the werewolf howls by the dread wolfsbane.

When the Lady’s moon is new, kiss the hand to Her times two.
When the moon rides at Her peak then your heart’s desire seek. 

Heed the North winds mighty gale, lock the door and trim the sail.
When the Wind blows from the East, expect the new and set the feast. 

When the wind comes from the South, love will kiss you on the mouth.
When the wind whispers from the West, all hearts will find peace and rest. 

Nine woods in the Cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow.
Birch in the fire goes, to represent what the Lady knows. 

Oak in the forest towers with might, in the fire it brings the God’s insight.
Rowan is a tree of power, causing life and magick to flower. 

Elder is the Lady’s tree, burn it not or cursed you’ll be.
Four times the Major Sabbats mark, in the light and in the dark. 

As the old year starts to wane, the new begins it’s now Samhain.
When the time for Imbolc shows, watch for flowers through the snows. 

When the wheel begins to turn, soon the Beltane fires will burn.
As the wheel turns to Lamas night, power is brought to magick rite. 

Four times the Minor Sabbats fall, use the Sun to mark them all.
When the wheel has turned to Yule, light the log the Horned One rules. 

In the spring when night equals day, time for Ostara to come our way.
When the Sun has reached it’s height, time for Oak and Holly to fight. 

Harvesting comes to one and all, when the Autumn Equinox does fall.
Heed the flower, bush, and tree, by the Lady blessed you’ll be. 

Where the rippling waters go, cast a stone the truth you’ll know.
These Eight words the Rede fulfill; “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will”



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